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Mintables NFT Generator How to - Airdrop an NFT

What does it mean to airdrop an NFT?

Similar to other types of crypto airdrops, an NFT airdrop provides holders with additional tokens and non-holders the chance to claim a token. NFT creators use airdrop to add value to their NFT projects and build a stronger community, also create hype and buzz, reward existing NFT holders. Airdrops are usually free for non NFT holder and require little to no action to claim.

All contracts deployed on Mintables allows the owner of the collection (you) to giveaway an NFT for free to fans.

How do I airdrop an NFT on Mintables?

Click on Your Projects → Select Your Project → Deployment → Generate → Send

Airdrop NFT on Mintables

Make sure the wallet address you enter is correct.

Make sure to enter the wallet address owned by the fan you want to airdrop the NFT to. Once the airdrop is done, it is permanently saved to the blockchain and cannot be undone.

Make sure you connect to Mintables with the wallet address you originally used to deploy the smart contract, otherwise, you will not be able to airdrop and see this error:

Airdrop NFT on Mintables

Why do I need to pay to do airdrops?

Any transactions performed against the blockchain requires gas fees to be paid.