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Mintables NFT Generator How to - Change minting page

Can I change my minting page type after I’ve already sold some NFTs?

Yes! The type of your minting page can be changed an any time. Mintables support many different types of minting pages for NFT’s.

Go to Your Projects → Select Your Project  Deployment → Marketplace Type → Change

NFT minting type

Types of minting pages

Mintables currently supports multiple types of minting pages for your NFT collection that offer different ways for yours fans to mint.

Build a bear

NFT Build a Bear Type

Fans can build their own NFT’s

A build a bear minting page allows your fans to use your layers to build their own NFT’s in your collection. You can even allow them to name the NFT that they create if you check the Allow Naming option. These NFT’s are guaranteed to be unique, so you don’t need to worry about multiple people minting the same NFT.

Random Minter

A random minting page will generate a random NFT according to rarity settings. Fans that mint from this type of minting page will not know what they receive until after they mint.

NFT Random Minting Type