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Mintables NFT Generator How to - Set rarities for traits

Use our Rarity Editor to set the rarity of your traits. You can find the Rarity Editor by first selecting a layer and clicking on the gear icon on the top right corner.

NFT Rarity Editor

                                                Click on the top right gear icon to open the Rarity Editor

You can set the rarity percentages on the traits to adjust the rarities within a layer.

NFT rarities calculation

                                                  Use the Rarity Editor to adjust the rarity of the different traits

Our Rarity Editor will automatically make sure that all your images add up to 100%.

NFT rarity means how uncommon the NTF is relative to other NFTs in the same collection. The concept of rarity is usually commonly found in a collection or NFT arts that are created by a NFT generator, it is often used to determine the value of a specific NFT within a collection.