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Mintables NFT Generator How to - Set collection royalties

How do I set royalties for my collection on OpenSea?

Royalties can be set on OpenSea for all NFT collections created on Mintables. Once your contract is created and first NFT is minted, find your OpenSea collection link by clicking on View on OpenSea link.

Once you connect your wallet to OpenSea, you should see an Edit button on the top right corner of your collection. Make sure to connect with the same wallet as you used to deploy the smart contract on Mintables or else OpenSea won’t know that you own the collection.

Click on the Pencil button on the top right

Click on the Edit button and scroll down to the Creator Earnings section. Set the Percentage fee to the royalty percentage, and the Payout Wallet Address to a wallet address you want royalties to be paid out to.

Now, all resales of NFT’s in this collection will payout the royalty to your wallet!