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Mintables NFT Generator How to - Why are my images not layering correctly?

When using intables NFT generator, you may notice images are not generated correctly occasionally.

Here are the typical causes of images not correctly generating:

- Make sure your images are transparent

A PNG image file type enables you to have images without a background color. In most images, even if the color is white, a certain number of pixels are covered by color. Since there are no pixels in the background of a transparent background, the content behind it can be seen through it. 

NFT  artwork - Luxury Ladies


In order to create NFTs, Mintables layers several images on top of one another. All of the images below it will be obscured if one of the images is not transparent. All of your layers (aside from the first one) must contain transparent images in order for the generation to function properly. 

NFT Image layering

                                  If your image has a white background, it is definitely not transparent.

- Layers are ordered incorrectly

A layer can be any type of object or component found in a composition, including text, images, and shapes. One layer will be present when you first open a picture, but you can easily add more. Different types of digital images and graphic designs are created by stacking layers on top of one another. 

The fact that one layer is above another is a common problem. For instance, if your body layer is lower than your background layer, the background will obscure it. Your layers’ order can be modified by dragging. In order to create a well-formed composition, good artists must precisely position and arrange their layers. 

NFT Layering

                                                                    Here, hands are put below the teeth

We hope this article is helpful for you. Keep experimenting and minting NFTs!